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An environmental survey may be constructed by various methods. Anything from digitizing existing wetland maps to a current field delineation, mechanical or GPS field location and electronic mapping. Wetlands are the most prevalent environmental system encountered and need to be field delineated and located for the best results. Environmental surveying extends well beyond state and federal wetlands in the petroleum industry. Accurate location and mapping of VEGE (Vacuum Enhanced Ground Water Extraction) and monitor wells require much more care for repeatability of measurements across the entire monitoring system.

Environmental surveys can be provided for the following purposes:

  • Federal wetland delineation, location, verification and mapping
  • N.Y.S.D.E.C. wetland delineation, location, verification and mapping
  • Wetland crossing and mitigation
  • Drainage capture and treatment
  • Monitor well location
  • VEGE (Vacuum Enhanced Ground Water Extraction) location
  • Oil/water separator location
  • Tank and burm retention system volume calculations and mapping

Samples of my Environmental work can be found here: legendlandsurveying.com/page21.php

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