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Industrial surveys are a step above commercial surveys. The highest level of detail is applied and the final product is delivered in hardcopy and electronic forms, including AutoCAD drawing format. Digital photographs of critical areas are provided

Industrial Surveys can be provided for the following purposes:

  • Site plan base maps
  • Site plan as-built maps
  • Major Oil Storage Facility
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility
  • Coordinating engineering, environmental and architectural plans
  • Field staking engineering, environmental and architectural plans
  • Infrastructure management
  • Volume calculations for liquid, solid or gas
  • Environmental studies
  • Ground control for Ariel surveys
  • Utility crossings
  • Piping and pumping location
  • Wetland crossing and mitigation
  • Drainage capture and treatment
  • Monitor well location
  • VEGE (Vacuum Enhanced Ground Water Extraction) location
  • Oil/water separator location
  • Tank and burm retention system volume calculations and mapping
  • Digitizing of existing infrastructure plans
  • Runway expansion and realignment
  • Lighting, security, safety and signage location

 Samples of my Industrial work can be found here: legendlandsurveying.com/page30.php


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